January 09, 2024

How Midea Increased Speed to Market and Eliminated Costly Photoshoots with imagine.io

How Midea Increased Speed to Market and Eliminated Costly Photoshoots with imagine.io





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Key Results


Increased speed in packaging timelines


Decrease in the cost of content creation


Boost in content generated during same period


Easier to produce imagery by eliminating photoshoots

About Midea America

Midea America is the U.S. subsidiary of Midea (SZ:000333), a publicly listed Fortune 500 company and the world’s leading manufacturer of home appliances. With more than 166,000 employees and a presence in over 195 countries, including in the United States, Midea’s products touch the lives of millions of people and families through air treatment, refrigeration, laundry, small and large kitchen appliances, water appliances, floor care, and lighting.

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1. Logistical Hassles in Traditional Photoshoots

Before engaging with imagine.io, one of Midea's primary challenges revolved around the logistical intricacies of traditional photoshoots. Shipping and installing products for each shoot became a cumbersome process, leading to delays and increased costs. Coordinating these activities, especially for larger appliances, required meticulous planning and often led to scheduling conflicts.

2. Limited Editing Capabilities

Traditional photoshoots provided limited flexibility once the images were captured. Any changes or edits necessitated a complete reshoot, creating bottlenecks in the content creation process. This lack of agility in post-production hindered our ability to respond swiftly to marketing needs and make real-time adjustments.

3. Cost and Time for Photoshoots

The financial implications of traditional photoshoots, coupled with the time required for planning and execution, posed a significant challenge. These costs were especially prohibitive for generating a high volume of diverse content needed for daily marketing activities.

1. Pre-Built Lifestyle Scenes 

imagine.io addressed the challenge of complex photography by eliminating the need for physical product shipments and installations. The 3D rendering capabilities allowed Midea to showcase its products in lifelike environments without the complexities associated with traditional photoshoot logistics.

2. Instant Editing and Revisions

The imagine.io platform offered a dynamic solution to editing and revisions. The ability to edit, clean, and retake images in a virtual environment provided unprecedented flexibility. This not only streamlined Midea's content creation workflow but also empowered Midea to adapt quickly to changing marketing requirements.

3. Eliminated Costs Associated with Physical Photoshoots

The imagine.io platform emerged as a cost-effective alternative to studio photography. By minimizing the need for physical photoshoots, the associated costs were drastically reduced. The platform's efficiency allowed Midea to create a variety of high-quality 3D images on a daily basis, meeting the demands of Midea's dynamic marketing strategy.

The comprehensive solutions provided by imagine.io resulted in transformative outcomes for our content creation process:

1. Cost and Time Savings

The adoption of imagine.io's 3D content creation platform led to substantial cost savings by eliminating the expenses associated with traditional photoshoots. Moreover, the streamlined process enabled us to generate content more rapidly, meeting daily marketing requirements.

2. Enhanced Editing Flexibility

The newfound ability to edit and retake images within the virtual environment allowed for dynamic and responsive content creation. This flexibility not only improved the overall quality of our visuals but also contributed to a more agile and adaptive marketing strategy.

3. Positive Reception and Internal Benefits

Internally, the positive reception was notable. The streamlined packaging timelines and the ability to create bespoke imagery before physical product samples were available were instrumental in enhancing our internal processes and communications.

“Allowing us to use templates of the home to swap our products in and out of kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms seamlessly has been an incredibly valuable addition to our repertoire."

Dalton Ryan

Assistant Manager, Content Creation, Midea America

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"imagine.io has been instrumental in updating our suite of products content across all of our channels, including our website, social channels, retailer pages, email and internally."

Dalton Ryan

Dalton Ryan, Assistant Manager, Content Creation, Midea

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"It's an incredible platform that is intuitive and friendly to use. Plus, we now have a reliable and responsive team that is capable of creating our products in 3D environments that look just as good as the real thing."

Dalton Ryan

Assistant Manager, Content Creation, Midea America

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Better than studio photography See for yourself

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